Oh my goodness. This past week has been, I kid you not, the week from Hades.  I have literally been going non stop since Saturday.  Pony Club trivia night….  FYI – lots of moaning and complaining ahead!

misc pictures from new phone february 2014 003

The evening was loads of fun and it is our club’s sole fundraiser. BUT oh my gosh is it draining. This is what I was making all the decorations for and so upsetting, I didn’t get any pictures of the venue decorated before guests started showing up. Doors opened at 6 and people started showing up at 5:20. Before the food was set out for the kids to eat. Oh and don’t get me started on the food!  It is really hard to mess up pasta in my opinion  – but they did!

Sunday we had a fantastic family day in Delmar. A local shopping/restaurant fun area. Rowan wanted to go to the Avalon Exchange  store for some clothes (upscale thrift/vintage resale store) and came away with a few different, fun shirts. I was so frustrated though – I was having issues with my contact lenses – one was actually messed up to the point that it was hurting my eye! But Avalon does not have a public bathroom that I could use – So I ended up in the dressing room in front of one of those mirrors!

misc pictures from new phone february 2014 017Tacos at Mission Taco. Yum!

Monday we had dance private lesson and riding lesson. Tuesday back to the barn so Pharma could get her feet done.

misc pictures from new phone february 2014 026

Then dance in the pm. Wednesday back to the barn for stall cleaning and feeding – and then I made a dash over to my sister’s house so she could print up some iron on pictures for t-shirts for THIS WEEKEND. My computer, apparently does not have a mirror image option anywhere!  Some how I ended up in charge of t-shirts AGAIN for quiz this weekend, which normally is not an issue unless I don’t get any information until the Monday before we leave (on Friday)..

Which brings us to today. Rowan has 2 classes on Thursdays- one from 11-12 and one from 2:30 to 4 – All good right? Except we live 7 minutes away so I pick her up between each class.  And today I have to tidy the house so it’s not a mess for my husband this weekend – who is manning the house with the 10 year old – pack, do laundry and make 4 shirts for quiz. Then there is the “trip to London” meeting at 4 – which is a whole ‘nother post  – and the final quiz practice meeting this evening starting at 7.  With any luck we’ll be home by 9.  NOT quite sure what I’m feeding my girls or when but hey – I’ll figure it out. It is all good!!

Friday, Jaia has her 2 classes, which we missed last week because she was sick, so we’ll go this Friday and then Row and I hit the road by 3. Whew – Then of course Saturday and Sunday are quiz.

Makes me dizzy just reading it all! Next week we will be back to normal!  I did carve out some time to begin drafting a pattern for a dress bag for Jaia’s new school dress….


Well  – I certainly hope everyone else’s weekends are relaxing 🙂 Maybe you can send some calming and peaceful vibes my way?  I’m going to be in a hotel with hundreds of very loud teens and ‘tweens – I’m gonna need it!  (you know with all the complaining I do, I really enjoy quiz  – it’s good for my girl).

Bright Blessings