Not a whole lot going on this week. Well okay – I take that back. Yesterday I dropped my phone in water. My new, barely 2 months old iphone. That I had to get because I dropped my previous iphone and cracked the screen. Which I’d had for 1 1/2 years so it’s all good..  It’s currently sitting in dry more our something like that to suck the moisture out. Keep your fingers crossed that it works! I LIKE my phone –

Yesterday was barn day, which was also the day I dropped my phone. So I dropped the girls off at the barn and went to home depot to look for this dry stuff. Then we went from the barn to Fairmont Race track – which is where we hold the Pony Club trivia night and auction. We set up for that and made it home by 9:00! This evening is quiz practice and tomorrow are the classes for J and Dance. Saturday is the Trivia night and auction! whew! Can’t wait for Sunday. Nothing planned for that day!!

I am in charge of decorations again for our Las Vegas themed trivia night. I both love and hate that I’m in charge of decorations. Love it because I get to be creative  – and hate it because the venue is huge and it mostly comes out of my pocket. I have a lot of decorations made from poster board and construction paper. phone - february 2014 029

I hope they actually look like dice!

phone - february 2014 025I was trying to replicate some of these decorations. I almost purchased this but after looking at the size I decided it wasn’t worth it. They are only 7 inches  – I made my dice 16 inches. This year I pulled in 2 other moms to help though so the decorations will be pretty neat I think.

I’m off to buy balloons and streamers today to add to the growing list of decorations. And more poster board. I need to make some large cards –

misc dentist pictures 001

On a funny note – Jaia went to the dentist Tuesday – No cavities! – Here’s the funny –

misc dentist pictures 009Selfies in the van – LOL!

Bright Blessings!