Today is Feis #1 for the weekend. We, however, are not participating since it’s my Birthday! And I would like to not be at a feis all day -Jaia will be competing in tomorrow’s feis and she is super excited. With any luck we will go pick up her brand spankin new school dress and she’ll be all prepared! (we have made arrangements to rent a dress just in case of tragedy)

We will, at some point today, prep for the feis. Earlier in the week I dragged out Jaia’s Zucca to make sure we had everything we need for tomorrow.


Small and large bobby pins? check. Band aids? check. Rubber bands? gotta buy more – Bobby pins hold the wig on – pins to hold the number on – band aids, well, just in case.


Black electrical tape for shoes? check. White electrical tape for shoes? check.


Black spray hair color? check. Wig spray? check. (for making the wig look nice) White socks? check. Which I will bleach.


Bleaching socks.  Yep.


Wig? check. I will spend a few minutes tonight with the wig spray and a scissors making the wig look nice. Re-curling some of the curls and cutting out fuz.


Head band? check. Dress? no check – we will be picking this up TODAY or using the rental.


Printout of dances? check. This tell us approximately when her dances start and how many are in each dance. We can kind of gauge how long each dance will take and whether or not we have time to run to the bathroom in between! LOL!


Jaia intently watching irish dancing videos? check.

Are we mentally ready for tomorrow. Probably not. It’s an early morning – 5:00. And the whole day is emotional. Is she placing? yes? no? Is the wig on straight? Dress okay? Socks pulled up properly? Shoes tied correctly? It’s a lot of sitting around for 8 one minute dances.  I really, honestly don’t care how jaia does. Well I take that back. I want her to do well. I want her to shine and I want her to place first. I want her to succeed and I want her to be proud of herself as a dancer. As any mother does. BUT. This is not the begin all and end all of life for us. She doesn’t live to dance (well maybe not yet).  Would I love for her to go to World Championship in Irish Dancing. Sure! Am I going to have a conniption fit and threaten to disown her if she doesn’t? No- absolutely not. I want and ask her to do her absolute best.  This is the first feis of a new year of a new level for J. Tougher competition. Greater pressure. But after all – it is just a dance. I hope she goes as far as she wants to with it and I will support her every step of the way. Every solo dress, every new pair of hard shoes, every wig.

If anyone had ever told me when my girls were nursing babies in slings that I would be worried about blankets on horses or new breeches (and quizes for horse lovers, which is a whole other post) OR worried about glittery school dresses or beyond curly wigs. I would have thought they were nuts. Bonkers.

But this is where we are at right now. It’s fun. It’s an experience. And she is learning that losing isn’t anything to freak out about and winning isn’t everything. It’s okay.

Bright Blessings.