More snow here in St. Louis Saturday. I cannot express how TIRED I am of the snow and I cannot wait for the warmer weather to arrive! Gah!! Maybe it’s not really even the snow but the biting, bitterly cold  temperatures we’ve been getting .  Like 5 degrees and 1. Yep. 1.  And when you have to go out to your barn to fill water buckets ……. well there are no words.  But the sun is out, the days are slowly getting LONGER and I can hear birds singing out side – so I know spring will come!

Well Friday, Jaia started 2 new classes with another local home school group. She is definitely my social one. Loves to be around friends and playing all the time – so I am constantly trying to  balance our need for actually getting school work accomplished and her need to visit and play with friends.  This group meets every Friday and they are fun classes. Knitting on a circle loom and homemade cooking from scratch are the  two she is going to take – She LOVED the knitting one – The cooking from scratch one -well we’ll see – They made homemade hot chocolate with powdered milk and white chocolate chips blended in a blender.  I don’t think that bothered her as much as the fact they had to raise their hands to see who was next to put whatever ingredient in the blender! HA! I guess she’s used to me handing her a knife and asking her to chop the mushrooms 🙂 Ah well. It will all be good

misc from phone and video for tryout 032

Peeking in the window of the knitting class  – can’t wait to see the finished project!

Since we are staying after classes to eat lunch with Jaia’s friends before we head home, I decided I needed make myself a lunch bag –

I wanted it to be larger than the one I had made for J last year, so I retraced the pattern I made for her lunch bag  adding one inch all around –

misc from phone and video for tryout 038Tracing the original onto poster board so it’s sturdier  –

misc from phone and video for tryout 040

Adding the inch –

misc from phone and video for tryout 042

You can see the difference in size – Although now looking at this picture, I realize that I forgot to add the inch at the top! I’ll just have to remember to add it before I cut the fabric –

The only tough decision I have now? Which fabric to use!

misc from phone and video for tryout 044OR –

misc from phone and video for tryout 043

Rowan likes the top one better – say’s it’s more “me”. I think I’ll go with that one. I’ve been hoarding this fabric since last year when I went to Minneapolis with my husband. I visited and went a little nuts. My husband was sooo good. Didn’t even bat an eye. (well maybe a little) .

Now – I wonder if I’ll have this finished by Friday!

Bright Blessings!