I think I might try and learn to crochet!


This very awesome you tube page has tons of great tutorials 🙂   I definitely need something to do while I sit during Jaia’s dance classes.  Two a week so that can give me 3 uninterrupted hours of crafting time!

Now I just have to find the time to sit and watch the videos 🙂


I finished that baby/lap blanket I was thinking about making last week. It is very cute and simple –  I love vintage textiles and need to get my hands on more! I think I may take some yarn and sew through both layers and “tie” it together – I’m pleased with how it turned out.



I also finished the bath and body “kit” for Row’s Pony Club auction. Each family is expected to solicit five donations from businesses to donate for the fundraiser. I hate soliciting. So I usually make my donations.  This year I made a very pretty cowl, this bath and body love kit and I purchased some basket filler items they asked for. Shampoo, conditioner and boxed baking mixes.  There is Lavender bath salt, candles :), scrubby, and 2 types of homemade body bar lotions. One with olive oil and one without.  I love the packaging I discovered and May, May create more of these kits to start an etsy shop. Decisions, decisions.

This weekend is busy, as they all are in February – Pony Club quiz practice and an extra dance class since so many have been cancelled by SNOW!

Stay warm and bright blessings!