J is constantly wanting me to make things for her American Girl dolls. I always avoid the question.  The clothes – although very cute – are just too small to sew easily!  I do have many, many patters to use and maybe with all this snow again I may set my self up for the challenge!

One thing that is very easy to sew, however, are doll blankets for the beds, she has 5 beds and currently had 4 blankets. Two handmade quilted ones from my sister and mother in law and 2 easy peasy fleece ones from moi – Yesterday I whipped up another one. SOOOO easy anyone could make one!DSCN2921

I hit our local Joann’s store yesterday before our ” big snow storm” (and on the way home from the grocery store) -and I grabbed 2 bandannas and a package of warm and natural quilting batting.  The bandannas were $2.00 each and the batting was on sale for $8.00. They have some fantastic Tie-dye bandannas! I am going to have to grab some of those for blankets!!


I washed and ironed them before I placed them right sides together on top of the batting. This way, of course, when I turn right side out the batting will be in the middle.


Pinning all three layers together –


Sewing, sewing, sewing. My machine was protesting big time yesterday. I had repaired a horse blanket just Monday and this machine is NOT made for horse blanket repair!


Pin all around the perimeter  – I used a lot of pins! I didn’t want any shifty bandannas! Sew 1/2 inch from edge leaving an opening to turn the blanket.  Trim the edge when done.


Turn and pin once more around the perimeter – Once again I used a lot of pins – just so I had a tidy blanket when I am finished.  Top stitch 1/4 inch from the edge this time, making sure to catch the material you’d left open to turn the blanket right side out.

DSCN2938Finished project! Looks cute if I do say so myself  – J loves playing with her AG dolls and I love the fact that she’s still  little girl enough to do so. She is NOT an 18 year old in a 10 year old body. Those days will come and I am so thankful that they come later for my girlies.

Now the question is – Do I use the remaining batting to make a lap/baby blanket out of this wonderful vintage table cloth or not?


Backed by cute blue with flowers?


Fuzzy but I think you get the picture –

Bright Blessings!