Wow – I cannot believe we are almost through the first month of 2014. Time has really flown by! We are in this new year fully  now, in a few short months my children will be 11 and 16 – a reality I am finding a bit hard to grasp. 16.  The first 3 weeks of 2014 have been fairly good to us though, so I have no complaints whatsoever, and I can’t wait to see what this new year has in store for us!

Over the weekend my youngest had 2 sleepovers – and she handled them wonderfully! One here at our house and one at a friends. They played dolls 🙂 She love to play with her AG dolls and the only little girl in our neighborhood refuses to play -it’s horses all the way for her – which is fine but then my girlie gets tired of it.

We are switching up science for  my youngest for the 3rd time this year. I love homeschooling because you CAN do that when one curriculum doesn’t work. You are not stuck using one that is dull, poorly written, your child can’t stand or you can’t stand. We started out with really neat research type cards – each index card had 5 topics/questions to study that week – we were responsible for finding the material – self study. I did really like this one and we only stopped when half the deck  went missing. I should have just ordered more but I decided to find another.  This index card curriculum was by Creek Edge Press –  I do think I am going to order a few more sets. They also have music, history etc…

I switched then to Interactive Science by Pearson that had favorable reviews on a couple websites. It sucks – really. My daughter hates it and we struggled through the first 3 chapters.  I have nothing good to say about it.

Finally we are starting Real Science 4 Kids  – which is what I used for my oldest when she was about this age. The books are short but chocked full with information – short and sweet. Hopefully we will get the workbook this week in the mail and will be able to incorporate that into our schedule.  Along with science experiments! – really all she wants to do 🙂

I’ve been doing a lot of Pinterest browsing this weekend – just trying to come up with fun craft ideas. Well I found a fun, easy decoration and promptly dug out supplies to try it –


I dug out an old piece of canvas – we had done some paper project on canvas years ago – but it was time to re purpose – so I ripped off the picture and got started. This first try really was to see if it worked with the supplies I had on hand, and also to see how it turns out. If we liked it then I was going to gather more supplies and make on for each girl – specialized.

DSCN2908I painted the stripped canvas with blue – I was/am limited in the colors simply because I need to hit the craft store to buy more!


Months ago at a crafter – noon session with my sister – I had traced and cut out stencils of my daughters favorite hobbies – I chose to start with the Irish dancer since that stencil actually fit on the canvas square – maybe 10 inches square –


J picked out this pretty color to be the dancer –


In progress!

DSCN2914Finished project! I love how this turned out! I do think now, I can get some canvas that doesn’t have paper stuck to the front and I’ll let the girls pick out their colors. I’m planning on individualizing by adding their names to the canvas.  – Total this project to 30 minutes. Waiting for the paint to dry in between layers was the main time suck. Next time though I will also add another layer to the bottom coat. I can still see a bit of white there –

Have a wonderful Monday!

Bright Blessings!