This week was a crazy week – Wednesday we of course went to the barn – It was so cold! Freezing – My toes took about 30 minutes to thaw  I kid you not.  I do believe I am buying new winter boots this weekend! Thursday was a day where I spent more time IN my car than not! R to class, J to the dentist to have another retainer made. While we were there the assistants discovered the top bracket for the rubber bands was loose, so they took it off and “glued” it back on.  2 hours later we are back at the dentist because as soon as we got home J realized that it wasn’t even attached to her tooth! 40 minutes  at the dentist again -! Really. We ended the day with a very nice PC party for my older daughter and quiz practice.

In my many hours of internet browsing (HA), I discovered an awesome home school resource –…

There are so many different art lessons on this site – pencil drawing, mixed media, pastel, etc… I would love to start incorporating more art into our everyday homeschooling schedule so I thought I’d use this site as reference and how to. I started with how to paint abstract art. I didn’t get too horribly far simply because out paint supply is almost non existent and apparently I need to go shopping!



You start first by painting the border – any color you want. I chose this brown/orange color  – why? That was really the only full tube of paint we had!


I added some green – just because.. And this is how far I got. We have no more paint! This weekend I will head out to buy more paint – the girls are both dying to try this activity! I do think this will turn out to be a fun and creative painting project!

DSCN2882     This week J also worked on her recycled art project – Painting the petals of her flowers –

DSCN2885Almost finished project – I’m going to see if she wants to polish up the white or paint over it maybe. It turned out very cute though and I love the colors she picked!

R got into the act as well!

DSCN2887I also made a quick batch of hand lotion/solid hand lotion bars this week – I wanted to put together a bath basket for the the trivia night/action we are having for R’s pony club – Lotion, bath salts, eye pillow etc…


Measuring out ingredients  –


Melting the beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter on the stove top  – No double boiler just a close eye –

DSCN2902 Whipped lotion – Oily but I’ve only tried it once so I will give it another go here soon.

DSCN2905Solid lotion bars –

Today is a day of cleaning, school and errands – This weekend is proving to be extremely busy as well. As soon as I think I can sleep in something pops up! Ah well – such is the life 🙂

Bright Blessings!