There is more snow today. I am so tired of snow it’s not even funny.  Just want it to be warm!

I finished the birthday presents for the girls last week.  They really turned out very cute !

february 2014 028J found some beads that looked very much like that chiclets gum pictured, so each friend got a package of gum, rock candy, homemade zipper pouch and a bracelet. I’m pleased with how the pouches turned out and I hope the girls like them. We haven’t been able to give the birthday gifts because we haven’t seen them lately! Hopefully tonight 🙂

The weekend sped by – Saturday J and I went to “the Loop” – they were having their annual ice festival – ice slides, ice cubes filled with chocolate dollars or if you were really lucky  – a real dollar! J was lucky!  Second ice cube had a really Sacajawea dollar in it! I unfortunately did not take hardly any pictures of the morning – I am trying to live in the moment with the girls, not necessarily behind the camera 🙂 I did snap this one though – waiting for our tacos before we leave –

february 2014 031

Thursday J’s dance school danced at the hockey game!

february 2014 023

It was very neat – I got to introduce J to the one sport I actually enjoy watching and she got to dance! Win/Win!

It is frighteningly cold out there today – Stay warm!

Bright Blessings