Oh where to start – Last week we were snowed in – going crazy! This weekend 58 degrees – I kid you not! Wednesday we did make it to the barn. Snow and ice and all.  Thursday? Don’t remember. Friday J and I went for measurements for a dance school dress. YEAH! I can’t wait to see it. Her teacher changed the style a bit and is allowing the dress they used for the choreo number at the Oireachtas to be the new school dress – J’s the first one! I am so excited – more than J I think 🙂

Saturday we had a family get together – I have a love/hate relationship with these gatherings. I love seeing the whole family, cousins and my aunt and uncle. It’s the feeling that I need to be there to appease my mother that is really draining on me. And it only takes minutes into any family gathering to realize, each and every time, how so much differently I think than the rest of them. I love them all dearly – but I really just don’t fit.

I did realize this 15 years ago when my biggest came into this world. Co-sleeping, breastfeeding, and baby wearing are not terms ever heard in any family gathering and really not even since then.  Oh well – it is what it is.

Row actually left the family gathering and walked over to my SIL’s house just a block over. Welcome relief for her. No one noticed for 40 minutes.

Ah well – away gloomy thoughts!

I am still battling the gluten free monster! Or should I say – gluten monster! I did relapse this weekend. Bread and spinach artichoke dip did me in!  Each day I start new though and I haven’t given up on my quest to get rid of the gluten, wheat, sweets etc.. Well maybe not  CHOCOLATE – but certainly the pastries can go – yes?

I did try a new gluten free pizza crust Friday. It was homemade pizza night and I really wanted to be good:) (just my own personal experiment – not a paid advertisement in any way, shape, or form)

DSCN2853The way you mix this up was totally foreign to me. Water and oil – typical, but then you mixed it with the mixer, again typical, but it was more like a thick cake batter or mashed potatoes.


After you mix it with the mixer for about 3 minutes, you spread it onto your pizza pan –


You then pre bake it for about 20 minutes –


I did make 2 normal pizza crusts – one for the girls and one for my husband (any myself – just in case the gluten free one was awful)


Here the round one in the front is gluten free and the “normal” one in the back.


After baking. I have to say that this gluten free pizza mix is amazing! My husband took 1/4 of this pizza and then went back for more! I enjoyed it more than my normal pizza crust and that’s saying a lot! because I really, really, like my pizza crust. It was light, crunchy, tasty – not like your typical flour dough – but more seasoned.  It was just yummy 🙂 I recommend this pizza mix any day and it will probably be my go to pizza crust.  And easy to since there is no rise time you need to allow for.

Bright Blessings!