More snow pictures – this has been the most snow in …. I don’t know how long! The last time I remember having so much snow here was when I was a child – Pre move to Jefferson County – so I was under age 9? So I won’t tell you exactly how many years ago that was 😉


Snow play!


This is the entrance to our subdivision – Sooo crappy driving! Yes I am in my car – yes I stopped to take this picture! Granted I was going all of 10 MPH to begin with -BUT!  I had decided to venture out to the grocery store Tuesday morning – I just needed to get out! for a few minutes…. We were also running out of eggs and milk 🙂


J laying in the snow while the neighbor shovels – She’s waiting for him to finish… She’s been working on making that mound of snow into an igloo/ snow cave –


Art project in progress! Today we paint it…. We also have to head to the barn since it’s Wednesday, but with the warmer temperatures, hopefully the roads won’t be as horrible as they were yesterday…

Bright Blessings!