Well things have finally calmed down here in our tiny household. We have one more holiday to celebrate and then 2014! January 1st is also my husbands birthday so this time of year is less about the actual new  year and more about his birthday – Dinner is the works and maybe  a small gathering of friends –  but of course there’s this cold that he has once again – With any luck it will pass and we can enjoy his day!

Christmas has come and gone – and once again it was a very successful day if I do say so myself – We have never gone all out on getting the girls presents, but they are few and very carefully chosen. R received a new bridle, camera and head phones while J received some AG clothes and a samsung tablet. Her “big girl” present. She is 10 and has been wanting her own “i-thing” for quite a while. We are of the mind that small children DON”T need their own devices so this was major that she received one. She is growing up!

They both got momma made jammie pants 🙂

pictures from phone - december 2013 009Fabric chosen – panda’s for J and pretty grey for R.

pictures from phone - december 2013 010Work in progress – J had all day dance camp! Perfect time to get those pants knocked out!

pictures from phone - december 2013 033Pants in action!

pictures from phone - december 2013 026pictures from phone - december 2013 024 Pillows and matching blankets from Momma’s stash and a bean bag chair. I actually opened up a lap desk for these awful Styrofoam balls! Never again will I listen to my husband. These were ALL OVER  my work table. Originally I had stuffed the chair with wool. Should have stuck with that. But J loved it! and wants another one:)

pictures from phone - december 2013 039Our horse barn had their very first show this past Sunday. R entered and I think they did wonderful! Second and third place in her division (dressage) – last place in both – But she’s never ridden pharma in a show before and has only been taking lessons on her for 3 months? AND – rode the test for the first time ever on Thursday – So I am super , super proud of her!

She LOOKED amazing! Our goal for this year is to buy a truck that will haul a horse trailer – Gotta get her to more dressage related functions so she can grow this love of hers.

J and I hit an antique mall yesterday after the show – we were both ansy and J had christmas money burning a hole in her wallets. She was on a mission for Breyer horses and I just wanted to look –

This is what she found –

pictures from phone - december 2013 047Felicity and a very old Breyer Barn. After literally bawling her eyes out because she couldn’t decide – this is what I realized. She loved/loves the dolls – didn’t want her to be left behind and felt like she needed to come home. The barn she wanted NOT because it was vintage Breyer but because it was a cool barn. Grandpa can make said cool barn. Momma can not make Felicity. So Felicity came home with us and I think with some much needed love and attention she will be fine.

The barn we took measurements of with a handy vintage ruler and now we will ask grandpa to make one!

pictures from phone - december 2013 048Problem solved, disaster averted, all are happy!

Have a wonderful new year! I’ll be back in a couple of days with lots of plans to grow this blog of mine!

Bright Blessings!