Well last week was certainly a trial  – last Saturday, the 7th, my husband was in a car accident. Totally his “fault” but not really. And yes he is just fine – he was sore but nothing else. There was slush from snow and a glance to the side and the person in front just stopped. He slammed on his breaks but still – right into the bumper of the car in front of him. It was an accident. That’s why they are called accidents right? So this past week was spent dealing with insurance, car rental, paperwork, driving my husband to and from the airport and yes – a new car purchase…  Another car just like the one totaled but nicer, upgraded, all the bells and whistles we nixed the first time (we got a pretty sweet deal on this car – last of the 2013 models). Needless to say, I am not ready for christmas yet. Neither mentally or physically.  First christmas ever I am not prepared by now. I have most everything we had picked out for the girls and a few things on order for my husband but the one cool item I wanted to get J is back ordered until February! Guess she’s getting that for her birthday now  – AND I have nothing ready to sew! No fabric even.

It’s also – gah! First time ever I just don’t care! It’s too much – the rushing, the purchasing , the nitpicking, the complaining. Ah well – In less than 2 short weeks it will be over and the new year will begin!

Oh! J and I went to our local history museum last week – once a month they have a home school Monday and this time we took advantage! We had a great time – hooked up with some friends from dance – went on a carriage ride –  Did some craft projects too – but seriously for the life of me CANNOT find them now on this computer and I literally just uploaded them this morning.  It frustrates me to no end when that happens.

from phone december 2013 009Buddy and Cuddles – Snuggles? I don’t remember the one with the antlers!
Over the weekend, J decided spur of the moment, that she wanted to “do a craft”- So this was one I’ve been wanting to do for a while  – a fun, easy project – we made bangle bracelets! A really good project for those “tween” girls who want to do so many projects but really can’t be let loose yet with  a sewing machine – maybe 🙂 I have seen bangle bracelet forms at Micheals or Joann’s – just cardboard ones specifically for decorating – but we had duct tape rolls!

from phone december 2013 034

Gather supplies – used up duct tape rolls, fabric, yarn, glue, mod-podge and what ever else you have on hand to make bracelets with. You could add buttons, ribbons, lace etc..

from phone december 2013 035

Cut your chosen fabric into thin strips – about one inch or so..

from phone december 2013 036

Wrap around the cardboard roll – gluing in place as you go along

from phone december 2013 038

from phone december 2013 039

from phone december 2013 040

Trim thread -add decorations – J added glitter then mod podged over the whole thing so the glitter would not get all over the house –

from phone december 2013 042Easy Peasy right? I think we may have more of these cardboard tubes somewhere – so I think I will make one 🙂 This would also be a very easy gift for your child to make  –

Stay warm and bright blessings!