Gluten Free Brownies –

Sounds kinda like an oxymoron right? Gluten free and brownies in the same sentence – But since I am really trying to cut out wheat/gluten then I am willing to try anything to make that transition easier.  I hit the grocery store earlier in the week with the demand from my husband to “get some chocolate donuts”… Well – I cannot stand those small, tiny, cardboard tasting packaged chocolate donuts. Never have and probably never will – so for my chocolate fix I grabbed a box of gluten free brownie mix – (fyi – not paid for this – just trying new things!)


One egg, melted butter and water – that’s it…

They were a bit harder to get into the pan – I had to spread the batter out with a knife.


Brownies before baking – DSCN2733

Brownies after…DSCN2734

These brownies were delicious! Soft, chewy, chocolatey – very, very yummy – I don’t know that making these brownies is going to be better for me though since I ate 3/4 of the pan!! I do know that I am going to keep some boxes on hand for that chocolate craving! My husband even liked them!

I realized sometime early this morning – like 5:00 ish – that christmas is 3 ish short, very short weeks away!!!  I have my older daughters stuff picked out and one is already on its way! But for J I really have no idea  – I have no desire to buy her yet another doll – I think 4 is excessive ( she DID buy 2 of those herself) – so I just lay there in bed trying to figure things out. We usually do  – something wanted, something needed, something I make and something to read.  I’ll make both girls again, pajama pants but I am totally stumped on J’s wants and there is really nothing she needs so badly that I want to make it part of christmas giving.   Anyone have any good ideas for a 10 year old??  I may have to actually go shopping to get some ideas!

Bright Blessings –