Wow – what a crazy, busy, exciting weekend J and I had. On Thursday, shortly after finishing thanksgiving lunch, she and I headed out to Grand Rapids Michigan where the huge Irish Dance competition was being held.

That evening we stayed in a fantastic Bed and Breakfast in South Bend Indiana – Chosen because of its Irish Theme 🙂

oireachtas pics 055

Friday morning we finished the drive to Grand Rapids – since it was just J and I , I didn’t want to push that drive Friday – I know I would have been a frazzled mess making sure we arrived in time for that 4:00 practice time (which ended up being more like 5:15)

oireachtas pics 061

Zuca bag was very helpful this weekend. J lugged it around ALL day Saturday morning.  We arrived, checked in, vegged out for a minute, and headed over to the venue.

oireachtas pics 092

J stretching out before we headed over.

oireachtas pics 063

We got our Oireachtas book – every dancer and stage and time is listed here, and spent the afternoon enjoying the dancing and wandering around with friends and of course buying things.  J ended up with a cool new sweatshirt. (at the bottom of the post)

oireachtas pics 070

Saturday morning we got up too darn early in the morning to get ready for the big competition! Wig on – Perfect. We got dressed at the venue.We needed to be there at 7:00 for a morning run through of all the dances and I had scoped out the Starbucks the night before so we left a few minutes early to run by and grab mochas, refreshers and a breakfast sandwich for J.

oireachtas pics 080

Waiting for the Traditional set dance to start. Make up on and ready to go!

oireachtas pics 082

Waiting for the team Ceili dance to start. Sassy pose!

Well she didn’t place in either dance but let me tell ya – she rocked it. I am so proud of that girl for all her hard work that although I’m bummed she didn’t place – it doesn’t really matter – there is always next year.  My girls make me so proud.

oireachtas pics 088

Sunday morning was spent watching her spirit buddy dance and just wandering around a bit.  I found a new Irish dancing themed book and bought the first 2 – she read book one on the way home  –

oireachtas pics 093

Ice cream before heading home. I hope we get to enjoy this next year.

Today is back to barn day – Wednesday!

Bright Blessings!