Today is Friday! Yeah!! What are your plans for the weekend? R has a riding clinic on Sunday and tomorrow the girls and I are baking goodies for a Pony Club bake sale being held during the clinic. Fun, Fun! We will be making Gooey Butter Cake and pumpkin bars. NOT low fat OR gluten free so I won’t (really) be snacking on them.  Today we may hit the library and we are finishing up some school work for the week –

J got her Zuca bag this week! (I am not being paid for this in anyway shape or form – we just really like the bag)

pictures from cell phone 044

White fluffy dog Winter is inspecting the packaging.

pictures from cell phone 045

I ordered her the purple with black metal frame. I didn’t want to get something too “little girly” since she’s not so much a little girl anymore! I wanted the color to grow with her and not be something she wants to replace next year. And purple is a really cool color! They make the frame with a flat portion on top that doubles as a place to sit while your standing around at competitions waiting, waiting for your turn. Maybe I will be taking advantage of that 🙂

Now I just need to buy some plastic storage containers for the inside. EVERYTHING will fit !

6 days to go! 8 until competition day!

J and I are staying in the cutest bed and breakfast along the way – We have the Grainnie O’Malley room reserved or “the Pirate Queen”  –

Have a wonderful weekend!

Bright Blessings