So far so good this week. I think I’ve done a fair job of staying away from the wheat.  A couple of pita chips here and there and yesterday one grass fed beef hotdog on  a bun. But other than that I’ve not grabbed a sandwich or had garlic bread – or homemade pizza, which really is sad.

It’s really not just to loose weight (but that is big motivation) but it’s also to see if the constant tiredness and constant congestion, constant irritation are tied into a wheat allergy – we shall see!

Thanksgiving is in one week. This is one holiday (well christmas is another) that I have always felt discord with.  Just the very fact that it wasn’t so happy go lucky as we were all taught in school and that whole groups of people were wiped out by the coming of the British (and others) to this country.  By greed.  But we “celebrate”. I celebrate the fact that I have 2 healthy children, a home, food, clothing etc.. I am very thankful for all of these things and more. But I am thankful for these things on a daily basis and really don’t need one day set aside to show that.

But I digress – Thanksgiving is in one week. In one week my youngest and I will begin our short journey to Grand Rapids Michigan so she can compete in her very first ever Oireachtas. I don’t remember the number of the other groups dancing the 8 hand ceili dance but I do remember there are 97 other girls dancing the traditional set dance – or St. Patrick’s Day – that she is competing against. And that is a small group.  She HAS been practicing nearly every day – with much prompting from mom. But this year is just a trial run, a see what it’s about run. If she places then I will be ecstatic! But if she doesn’t then I will still be ecstatic and super proud.

misc - jaia dancing pharma dentist 010

Picture from trial run ceili dance at a local feis. They took 2nd place.  Tonight is their last practice, next week is their pep rally and then we are off! I really cannot believe how these past 4 + months have flown by.

Bright Blessings