I need to loose somewhere between 10 and 20 pounds. Why? Just because. I’m not a large person by any means, I wear a size 10 in pants. But I’m not happy or pleased with my posture OR my muffin top:) It has got to go. I just want to be in better shape and feel better about myself. My goal this year is to buy a new bike and start riding again.  I love riding and pretty much gave it up for years after moving into the apartment before we purchased this house. My 15 year old rides horses, my 10 year old Irish dances and my husband does martial arts. I’ve decided it’s past time for me to start doing what I enjoy also. Maybe I will throw in  some yoga as well.

My husband and I are also planning on giving up wheat/gluten. I do believe that is what is causing my recent weight gain. I’ve been eating super crappy. Oh – all homemade of course, but still, lots of breads, cheeses, and sweets.  Eating homemade goodies does not always equal eating healthy!!  Today is my first day actually not eating something loaded on bread or with cheese. We will see how I do. I’m using this blog to hold myself accountable.  LOL!

We are officially 10 days out from the Oireachtas!!! Major countdown has begun! My husband and I have decided to surprise J and get her a Zuca bag – http://www.zuca.com/. Very cool bags that double as a seat when you are cramped for space at a Feis – and they roll so you are not lugging all sorts of feising supplies all over the place. It should arrive today!  Now all I have to do is pack it. Buy new socks and glue. Wash and iron her shirt and skirt, make sure we have enough bobby pins and rubber bands and get myself packed! Rent a car and find a hotel room 1/2 way for Thursday night and I think then I will be done!

Today R has a riding lesson this evening. J has a private dance lesson this morning and I get to call the orthodontist yet again! because we are still having trouble with this silly little button on her molar that is supposed to hold the rubber band! Gah! It’s very frustrating. This whole process is very expensive and we’ve had issues with this button twice already!!  Hopefully, hopefully they will fix it for good this time!

Until next time –

Bright Blessings!