Hey! Posting 2 days in a row! Maybe I can keep this going 🙂

Tuesday nights my youngest has Dance – Well Thursdays and Fridays as well but today we’re just going with Tuesday.  Dinners on these evenings are sometimes sketchy affairs. Sometimes I prep the meal and my husband or 15 year old get it in the oven and when I get home I finish it up. Sometimes no one cooks so I cook when I get home and we are eating dinner somewhere around 8:00.  Sometimes my hubbie actually COOKS THE WHOLE MEAL! Sometimes.  Sometimes my daughter cooks the whole meal and last night was one of them.

Since the weather here in Missouri has been cold and rainy these past few days, I have been craving lasagne. So on  Sunday, when I had had a friend over with her 2 girls and we watched Pride and Prejudice while eating a store bought Costco lasagne, salad and garlic bread. Some wine for the mom’s and we had a great evening.  Eh, but the lasagne was so so.

Last night my 15 year old made lasagne.  Ravioli lasagne. It’s one of her  “specialties” and she makes a mean ravioli lasagne. It’s not boil the noodles, layer 5 layers type of lasagne but it is good nonetheless. Paired again with salad and warm bread it was a fantastic meal. Just what I have been craving on these cold, wet, dreary days.

misc pictures 008

The cheese was perfectly browned. Chewy and delicious.

misc pictures 009

AND I have leftovers for today!

Ravioli lasagne-

2 packages of your favorite boiling lasagne – we used the spinach, artichoke fresh ravioli from trader joes

1 jar pasta sauce

1 bag spinach

1 bag or about  2 cups of shredded mozzarella cheese.

Sometimes I also add a zucchini, very thinly sliced, in among the layers of the pasta.

Putting it all together is vary simple.

Layer sauce,  ravioli, sauce, spinach (or whatever veggie you choose), cheese and repeat. Making sure you end with the cheese.

Bake it at about 400 – 425 until nicely browned and serve with a salad of some kind and wine 🙂

Still rainy and gloomy here and today is barn day –

Bright Blessings!