We had another crazy, busy weekend here – but that’s not surprising at all is it for us? At least the winter months will be calmer since both riding AND  dancing don’t have a lot going on through December or January.

Saturday R participated in a Pony Club mounted meeting covering some dressage but mostly riding and jumping outside. I was originally pretty leery about her riding outside since the past 2 horses she’s had have not been agreeable to cooperating outside and has caused some issues. But R did WONDERFULLY – she handled her little mare beautifully and I was so proud of her. I’ve nicknamed her mare Miss Prancy Pants since she could NOT stand still – well it took her about 1/2 hour to settle down but R just let her wander in circles and it all worked out.

SSPC pics - Dance pics 037

SSPC pics - Dance pics 039

Last weekend was J’s trunk or treat. I had found these little candy necklaces with skulls on them – one for R – and then each of J’s friends. R decided to turn hers into Day of the Dead treats. Food coloring and a paint brush – It turned out really neat looking –

SSPC pics - Dance pics 023

THIS Sunday was J’s dress rehearsal for the Oireachtas.  WHICH is coming up so much faster than I am ready for. The girls on the team I think are more than ready – they’ve got that dance down pat and are eager for it to be over. But I am so not ready for the drive, the early mornings, the crowds, the everything! If J and I go by ourselves then we are leaving on Thanksgiving after lunch and splitting the drive into 2 legs – – Just to make it easier on myself -whew I cannot believe that one month from today we will be in Grand Rapids!

Bright Blessings!