Today is Friday the 13th! I just realized that – Too funny. Glad I’m not superstitious right?

This first week of homeschooling ended up being much less than I had hoped for – bordering on non-productive really.  Not because of the girls – oh NO – but because I ended up being sick! Me! Saturday and Sunday I just felt really, really dehydrated so I was constantly trying to drink water to get rid of that dry feeling in my mouth – but Monday I woke up feeling tired and just a bit off – hot.  I was still clear headed all week and I was able to get the girls where they needed to be – but I sported a fever up-towards 102 one afternoon. No other symptoms – no chills, no muscle aches, no need to sit in the dark – so no other flu like symptoms. The need to sit or lay down yes,  but not even to sleep. It has been a very strange illness to say the least.    To top it off my hubbie needed to go on a short business trip during the week. R and J were totally helpful, making sure they fed themselves and making sure the dogs got outside and everything. Today I am feeling better – more normal but not perfect.  I’m trying hard not to pass this on to anyone 🙂 and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the girls don’t get “it”!

Next week will be better!

Tomorrow the girls and I are going to see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers on the “Big Screen!” It should be a blast!

Bright Blessings –