Well today is the official LAST Friday before we start homeschooling for this year! Yesterday my eldest started her 2 homeschool classes at Homelink – a program that offers school like classes to homeschoolers. Last year she took algebra – this year she is taking photography and British Literature and History. I think this class is going to be a fantastic class for R and a great mental challenge. Not because she can’t do the work, but because it’s going to make her think!  I think it will be perfect.

Today we  may clean and re-organize the school shelf.  And get our books organized and find all the pencils and pens etc… Yesterday while R was at her classes, J and I went to the library and checked out a pile of books for lessons – We are starting with learning about Earth and also the 13 colonies.  R will be doing at home Geometry, spelling/phonics type review, creative writing and science with J. With other kids – personal finance and health, photography, British literature and history. She also wants to learn Russian so I’m on a quest to find a decent Russian program that won’t break the bank.

I think it’s going to be an exciting new year. Both girls are older they are willing, they both have their passions they are following.  Fun times 🙂

Now that I have a computer! and I figured out how to transfer all the pictures from my camera(s) to said computer – here are some updates!
ALL the pictures from the camera up until 962013 500

R’s new girl Pharma. Good match I think –

ALL the pictures from the camera up until 962013 533

ALL the pictures from the camera up until 962013 534

Crafternoon project – teen/tween day.  Will post directions for crafternoon next week. Horseshoe decorating for frames or just to hang, and 18 inch doll food.

pictures from iphone 962013 021

Medals from J’s last feis – third in her reel, single jig and slip jig, 2nd in hornpipe. She was ecstatic! First time ever participating in 4 dances and placing in 4 dances!

pictures from iphone 962013 017J getting her attitude in in the room before the feis.

Till next week! Bright Blessings!