Yeah!  I finally have a computer that’s set up that I can use –  For what now? Almost a month – I’ve been checking all my email and facebook posts from my ipad mini. It’s very hard to update blogs from those! Since “my” computer up and died, it was decided (by my hubbie) that I should get the PC that he built for my personal use, and school usage – and he would get the new laptop – I know right? Oh well – I’m just glad I have a “new” computer that I can FINALLY blog on!

We’ve had a very busy month and there’s a lot to tell – but I just wanted to pop in and say “hi” for right now.  School starts for us today – meaning we are getting our books out and going over expectations, going over education plans etc…  We’ll go shopping for the few supplies we need, hit the library for the books we’ll need and then start officially Thursday –

We will have a great year!

Glad to finally be back online!

Bright Blessings!