I’m blogging on my husband’s computer this time around – once again mine is having issues. Maybe the fan is going out? Maybe it’s ready to kick the bucket? It is almost 9 years old after all.

Last week just flew by while Row and I were in Kansas City. I missed J’s first Ceili class – but my husband got her there on time, in the right clothes and with lunch!  The house was a tad bit trashed but hey – at least J got to where she needed to go and they were both fed and happy right? Right.

Row’s team did super last week -coming in first place! out of 5 teams competing in there division – I am so super proud of her. She overcame a huge obstacle of just going. She’s very shy and introverted so she needed her down time while we were there – but she went, was on a team with 3 other girls she had never met before and they all did wonderfully! They pulled in a score of 512 – the next team had 487 I believe – so a 25 ish point lead!

J and I are heading back there at the end of the month for another Feis and a huge Irish Festival! Sounds like it’s going to be a great time!

Keep your eyes here in the next couple of weeks. I am planning on creating “Crafternoon” crafts for the teen and tween set. I see a lot of crafts out there for the younger set and tons for us moms – but no so many for that oh so hard age – tween. My girls and I will be coming up with some wonderful crafts to do – most in an afternoon or so and I promise they will be a lot of fun! Or at the very least interesting  –

Pharma – Row’s new horse continues to be wonderful. I hope to sneak some pictures of my daughter and HER new girl her soon. Every time I pull out my camera they make themselves scarce.  I do believe this match will work perfectly.

Until next time –

Bright Blessings!