Busy week again this week. My oldest and I are heading out to Kansas City for a Pony Clubs Champs competition. She’ll be competing in the Quiz portion. She’s nervous but I think she’ll do a fantastic job.

This past week was mostly spent making Kimonos for 2 girls that will be riding a “duet” in the dressage portion of the show. I’ll take a pic of the kimonos on the girls this week. They turned out really well! I, of course, can see all the flaws and if they were being worn for something other than a  4 minute ride, then I think I would have ripped out some stitching and fixed it! Oh well – the judges won’t look too closely at my sewing ability.

Last weekend jaia place 3rd in her reel and 3rd in her jig – so good placements in 2 dances she normally doesn’t place in.

Today we are off to the barn to clean some stalls before we head out to KC!

Have a fantastic week!

Bright Blessings –