Popping in for a quick hello – The last two weeks of camp have come and gone!  They went quickly and smoothly – thankfully – with only one week out of the 6 weeks of camp reaching temperatures in the 90’s – High 90’s. Not fun and it’s a constant struggle getting children to drink enough water.  But we made it through!  Even though camp is finished, we’ve been spending time at the barn each day because Row is trying out a potential new horse. I am just uber leery this time around and really want all to go well and with out issues!  So far it IS going well- no issues with the little mare and we actually had a vet come do a new horse purchase exam. Not a super thorough one – no ex-rays and such but they are doing a blood test because she seems a little pale? Maybe she’s anemic which is totally treatable. But she’s sound all the way around and feet and teeth are in good shape – so that is good.

The saddle we bought for the previous horse fits little mare here and I’m taking that as a good sign – She’s 16 and is super trained in Dressage. If she works then she’ll be a great horse to give Row a leg up in the competing world  –

J is in dance camp this week – just 2 days and a feis on Saturday. R will be out of town at a “camp” for her horse club this weekend.

Next week we should actually be calmer – I hope.

I’ve been asked to make 2 costumes for a horse pas de deux – 2 horses and riders riding in “formation” together – I am making 2 kimono’s since the music they picked is from a Japanese Anime movie – it reminded me a lot of Mulan.

Today is Wednesday and we are off to the barn once again – for riding , cleaning and feeding – I cannot wait for a day at home – I have so much to do  –

Hope all is well with you –

Bright Blessings!