We spent the 4th again, at my brother’s house. It’s also my mother’s birthday so every year regardless, we go down to celebrate. This was the first year ever I really had no desire to go.

Don’t get me wrong – We DID have a great time – the girls went swimming –



The food was fantastic – They did a shrimp boil – shrimp, potatoes, corn and sausage. (Funny though since we are in the midwest!)



My dad, brother and sister in law in the pic  – getting ready to add the shrimp -I however don’t like shrimp so my brother made (me) salmon!!

J entertained her younger cousins – and did a very good job at it I must say –



And then before we made an early exit – there were sparklers and some fireworks – the big stuff was coming out as we were leaving –



But – you know – I love my family, I really do – and they love me – but – I do believe I am the black sheep in the family. They don’t always know how to deal with or relate to me and my girls and my hubbie.  For example- my youngest there in the picture – gets a pretty bad cough every year. She just does – she was 13 weeks premature and I think that’s a direct result for preemie lungs. We treat it naturally – with the very occasional dose of cough suppressant to help her sleep – otherwise is homeopathic cough medicine, eucalyptus rub on the chest, and heathy food. My mother would rather me give her a dose of triaminic every 4 hours  – If I treat it quickly and continuously with homeopathic – J’s coughs rarely last more than 4 days. We do NOT run to the doctor for each and every bump and bruise and both girls have had and antibiotic once. ONCE.  Okay – I did run more when J was an infant but she WAS 13 weeks early.

I read labels – all the time. I don’t (or very rarely) give them red food coloring, aspartame, MSG or any other nasty food additive. I do NOT give them bug juice.

We do not watch tv all the time – it is not on for background noise and the girls do not have free range in what they get to watch. Row does more so now than J but she is 15 and can self regulate pretty well.

OH and I breastfed, co-slept, fed the girls directly from our plates (very little baby food)  and carried the girls around in slings – and we homeschool. Need I say more? Although on my mother’s defense – she is coming around to homeschooling.

This is the first year that I can feel the need to be present at each and every family event lessen.  And lessen. In November we will be away 100% for thanksgiving.  And possibly there is a fairly large move to another state for us in the future.  Hopefully.

We don’t have any real big plans for the 5th of July – or the rest of the weekend . Monday starts the last two weeks of camp and then we have the rest of the summer free!

– Thanks for reading all the way to the end today. It’s been a growing lesson for me – this need to disconnect from my family.

Bright Blessings!