Yesterday I woke up with grand plans of getting yard work done – of dragging the girls kicking and screaming into the back yard to help – But those dreams were dashed when I woke up to the sound of gentle rain falling. You know what they say about rain? The harder if falls the faster it moves (or something like that)- so when a rain is nice and slow and gentle it lasts. All. Day. Long. And it did too – until about 9:00 that evening when if finally petered out.  So yard work is put off again for another day.

So instead I painted the hallway and worked on J’s lunch bag. Why am I making a new lunch bag? Well – one for the challenge of creating my own pattern – albeit a very simple pattern, and two – she is going to dance camp in a couple of weeks and she needed a larger bag to hold all of the food she eats. And she can eat!

After running to Joann’s fabric shop in the morning for the rest of the supplies – I got to work –



Fusible fleece went on the outer layer as added protection against any food getting too warm to eat! The red is the inner layer.

The pink is flannel and is the center layer –



All the pieces cut out and ready to assemble – after the handles are finished – I added fusible fleece to the handles also so that they are a bit sturdier  – I don’t like a wussy handle –

The pink flannel has the hot/cold fabric/liner sewn to it. I made  the hot/cold fabric about an inch smaller that the rest of the pieces so it was easier to sew it all together.



During construction – All pieces are assembled and you can see the hot/cold fabric here. (I use my floor a lot for sewing)



Stitching the corners.




This is the finished bag! This is some of the material I bought when I went to Minneapolis with my husband in February. J has a thing for skull and cross bone fabric – usually pink but she loved this!  If you ever have a chance to go to the Crafty Planet fabric shoppe – do so!! It was so much fun!

I am going to redraw the pattern on sturdier paper and write out instructions – maybe I will post it on – we’ll see how motivated I am!

On a bummer note – yesterday we found out the horse Row really wants is being listed for $7500. That’s about $5000 out of our budget right now. Even at $4000 I was going to beg and borrow money to try and make it possible for her. Maybe from a loving grandparent who understands the desire so much? 😉 Oh well – Chainsaw is not meant to be right now unfortunately so that must mean that the perfect horse for my biggest is out there somewhere right??

Today we have Viola for Row, the orthodontist for J (apparently her mouth isn’t big enough for all her teeth) and then we head to the barn –

Bright Blessings!