Yeah! A new month – another week off of camps. Last week was our first week of camp in the 90’s. And not the low 90’s either – the high 90’s! And I think the heat index pushed us up over 100*!!  I am not sure though – I avoid checking in all honesty! These are the weeks that make working camps difficult – but we made it and now we are off again. We have had great bunches of kids these past weeks of camp and I think that always makes the days go buy quicker. We have 2 more weeks left. Both girls work next week and then it’s just J and I working the last week of camp- Then we are done!!

Camps make summer go very quickly. Row is working her tush off – helping and I think really coming out of her intorvert-ness during her weeks working at camp – She is saving up for her next horse. Unfortunately – Our barn has quickly become somewhere where Row doesn’t feel like she fits in anymore. She doesn’t want to go and she doesn’t want to spend any extra time there at all.  The kids all do things together without her. They don’t know how to draw an introvert in. We introverts love hanging out with our friends – we really do. Do we feel the need to fill every second with inane chatter. NO – and that’s where I think the other girls just don’t get it.    There is also the very real possibility that whatever horse we purchase next may not be boarded where we are now.  There was a flat out resound “NO” when the subject was brought up of Row’s current Dressage trainer coming to our barn to train Row. That would open the door to EVERYONE else wanting their own personal trainer there and no one wants to deal with trying to make that schedule. Valid point. But now that leaves our options with 1 – boarding there and continuing with the trainer that  is not hearing at all that Row does NOT want to jump ALL THE TIME  – 2 – using another trainer that’s there that I know nothing about – and really I had no idea they did lessons – one I am less than enthusiastic about. or 3 – finding another barn altogether to board at where Row can get the training she wants and needs.  The only problem – the cost.

So decisions need to be made but not anytime soon since this horse purchasing is just in it’s beginning stages and we’ve only looked at 1  horse 🙂 no need to rush it.

Row is also very much willing to move – the idea was brought up about moving to Minneapolis since that is where my husbands company is based. I would personally love the adventure. Rex is so – so – he’s not sure even about staying with that company for any length of extended time. J is open to the idea of moving and having another place to explore and learn about. Row however, is telling me on a weekly basis that she really wants to move. Really. This came as a great surprise to me but when I sat back and looked at it – it makes sense. Row has had few good friends – she would love for the opportunity to move, join another homeschool group and meet new people.

Onward –  my computer is working much better today – and yesterday. Don’t know why – but hey – I’m not gonna push it – And I finally got my pictures from Row’s dressage clinic moved onto it! Yeah! So –




They are blurry – but hey! They were not standing still for pictures!

Today there’s no camp but we still have to go clean stalls!

Bright Blessings!