It’s been a crazy week here.  I meant to blog earlier in the week but over the weekend my computer started acting really wonky – very slow and not loading anything. So I called my computer guy. He came right away – from his office in the other room  (my husband! very handy I must say) – and I set him to work on my computer.  A full weekend later and it’s acting less slow but still sluggish  – not quite sure what’s going on with it. I’ve avoided it because every time I sit down at the computer I get frustrated ……

Some highlights from the past weeks – 

We had two whole weeks off of camp! We started painting Row’s room and the tiny hallway. 

We did nothing! We really apparently needed that down time. NOONE wanted to go anywhere or do anything. 

I lost every one of my pictures on my phone – and I pad mini. My hubbie and I both have I phones and they were synced in a way on his iTunes account that every time I bought an app and installed it on my phone, it would install on his phone also. This messed up HIS phone and since my husband uses his phone for work he couldn’t very well have every game on it that I had!  And my PHONE was also acting sluggish so some cleaning needed to be done there as well (I was NOT having luck with my mac products this weekend let me tell ya!) So in that cleaning up process I lost all my pictures. Apparently there on his computer  – which is not the one I use at all.  AND I lost all my contacts and everything.  

Rowan participated in an awesome dressage clinic this past Saturday – Pictures of course were on the Ipad mini – I know right?? She did a great job and the instructor was very impressed with her! Row also loved the barn! Huge arena – indoor wash rack – All you horse people will totally understand 🙂  She would love to board her next horse at this $600+ a month facility. Got to buy those lottery tickets!  I do have pictures that my sister-in-laws friend was nice enough to take. TONS of them. I have yet to see them myself though since they are on a  sim ? card .  I need to somehow now get those off said card and onto my computer. Once I have time to do that then I can post some here.

J is at her dance camp this week. I’m totally bummed that I am working horse camp because I am not getting to take her ! My mom is so nice and driving her both days. But it sounded like she had a lot of fun.

I planted climbing rose bushes in my front yard and my basil, thyme and parsley are coming up nicely. The arnica – not so much but we’ll give it a bit more time before I plant my peony in that spot.


We went and looked at a horse for Row last night. She really liked her but this next horse we bring into our family has got to be the “I am never leaving this horse” type of horse. We’ve already had 2 that really didn’t work out for us. NOT going there again.

Riding lesson tonight for Row.

Camp is brutal this week – temps in the 90s – don’t know what the heat index is but it is HOT. Kids are fantastic. LOTS of cuties this week.

I am still working on that lunch bag for Jaia – I think I have the pattern pretty much worked out – It is really simple – but it’s exactly what she wanted. I just need to get some iron on fleece and some red fabric for the lining. Hopefully I can get that finished this weekend.

And that brings us pretty much up to date – 

Bright Blessings!