Bugs. Bugs and I are not friends. Well they don’t really bother me at all and I will got to great lengths to save a spider crawling in my house – but bugs in my pantry? I don’t think so.


Last week I found these little buggers in my pantry. I had bought a bag of pasta flour months ago which I never opened – the perfect place for these guys to grow apparently.  We are not big packaged food eaters – I cook %95 of our meals and we use mostly fresh or some frozen veggies,  so I really had no idea these little moths where festering and growing in a bag of forgotten flour! And grow they did. I literally went through my pantry and threw away EVERY grain, cereal, and  pasta that we had purchased. I took out all unopened packages and stored them on my counter for a week – I wiped down all the shelves and took out the paper shelf liner. It’s a good thing the flour I use for daily baking is in a totally different cupboard. Or maybe not – maybe if I had kept in in the pantry I would have noticed the buggers sooner!



This past weekend I took all unopened boxes of flour products – those that were still in sealed plastic – I took them out of their boxes, cut the directions out and I used my handy, dandy vacuum sealer to seal them up tight. No bugs in this food.



Rice, pasta, snacks all are now stored in  tupperware.




Cake mixes, brownie mixes, gluten free pizza dough mixes – all vacuum sealed.


The pantry is still pretty bare – I’m not buying a whole lot of flour products until I am completely %100 the moths are gone.

Still I see these moths. Every day I check for moths and let me tell ya – they are on my hit list!

Well  – I had wanted to clean out that pantry anyway –

Bright Blessings!