Well, I’ve cleaned out one closet and hung up all the winter coats –  finally. Yep – Finally. I found a huge box of papers to be burned, boxes to be recycled, a wooden toy box/bench that used to be mine without a seat/lid, and some very old  VCR’s. Remember those??  The closet still holds the 2 bins of baby clothes I’m holding on to, and the sleeping bags. Maybe there’s a box of Halloween decorations  – now I just need to find where I stored the christmas decorations!  I haven’t tackled the other closet yet because there is too much junk in front of it and I still haven’t rescued the basement from my first cleaning mission.  Maybe next week I’ll tackle that one. After I move the table, old doors and piece of drywall that blocking it. The piece of drywall was purchased to patch a hole in my bedroom wall that my husband cut into it LAST YEAR in order for the plumber to repair the bathroom pipes. Fast forward to now – drywall was too thick – still in my basement. And there is still a hole in my bedroom wall – which of course I covered up with a dresser. GAH!

I’ve also repaired some ghillies  – Irish dancing soft shoes –



I never imagined, going into motherhood, that I would be repairing irish dancing soft shoes or buying saddles, breeches and helmets.

Moving on! Last night we went to Circus Flora –



I think I may have blogged about this last year as well – It’s a one ring circus that St. Louis has. It’s wonderful! No seats are bad ones -there is maybe 20 rows so no matter where you sit you can see the stage with out squinting! There is high wire, acrobats, mini’s this year (mini horses), a clown, and a few other acts. It’s small and not overwhelming like larger circus.

We went with our Pony Club group and since one of our trainers has ties to the owner/trainer of the horses in the show, we get to go back stage and visit for a few minutes.



This is my daughter Rowan. Beautiful isn’t she? The horse is Flip, a Friesian that was in the show. He is gorgeous! This is the breed of horse my daughter wants.  I really don’t think she moved from his pen the entire 20 minutes we were back visiting the animals.



She was super excited that she got to go into his stall and help braid his mane! In flip flops none the less!  She really did not want to leave. Flips owner had him brought over from Europe and he’s 11 years old.  This is Rowan’s dream horse. For years I’ve heard how much she wants one.  And I wish, right now, that I had the resources and money to make that dream come alive for her.   Someday my beautiful girl. Someday.

Bright Blessings