Well we’ve finished our first two weeks of camp. They were fantastic! Weather was perfect, the campers were wonderful. Other than the occasional grumble about cleaning stalls the weeks flew by without a hitch.

The girls and I worked these two weeks of camp – they’re who grumbled!  No really! R did a fantastic job – J grumbled. It’s really not her favorite thing. She gets drug into it because R and I need to be there .   But she does get paid and is enjoying hanging out with some of her friends from the barn who are also helping.

In between the first two weeks of camp – we went to Branson, Missouri.  J had a feis (competition) to compete in and so we made a weekend of it and also  went to Silver Dollar City.



J is on the end.  She danced 3 dances and placed 3rd in one of them. She is a very good dancer – just has to work on her position some I think.



We’re on this roller coster somewhere. Row did not want to ride it so J, myself and my husband went on it. R waited on the observation deck and  took this picture 🙂 This was by far my favorite roller coster but no one else liked it.  I can’t decide  if going to Silver Dollar City was worth it or not. I guess for the experience. We like our 6-flags better I think.  It was cold so we didn’t ride any water rides so maybe that made a huge difference.  So maybe one more try next year when we go back to the Branson Feis!


These next two weeks are our down time. I have plans to paint my tiny hallway, reorganize my downstairs closets, finally put away winter coats! Plant some rose bushes, pull out weeds clean bedrooms, and make J a new lunchbox. She’s participating in 2 different camps and dance school. They are only 2 days each but some of those days she’ll have to take lunch.   I’m looking for a more square type lunch bag that she can fit her cooler packs in and all the food she eats!  If  I can’t find one then I guess I’ll have to try and make one. I guess we will see how much I get done!!

J also tried out for – and made it! – and 8 hand dance team called a ceili team.  They will practice once a week specifically for the  – Oirechtas.  http://www.midamericaregion.com/2012-mid-america-oireachtas/

She was and is very, very excited to have made the team!  We weren’t sure since her teacher said the spots for her  level were few  – but J and 4 other girls in her class made a team!  It is a very big thing. Of course this means that Thanksgiving weekend we will be driving to Grand Rapids Michigan to compete – oh well.

I’m off to enjoy my camp free weeks!  Bright Blessings!