My goal this homeschooling year, is to make sure we incorporate different arts and crafts into our lessons. Or rather, as lessons/learning processess themselves.  My girls tend to not like to do “history projects, or science projects” for some reason.  Maybe they don’t want “art” muddled up by learning? Funny girls! – Oh well – I’ve always made sure we have good supplies on hand and the girls are welcome to create whatever they’d like, but occasionally they like to have direction! Imagine that – LOL:)  Further into the school year we’ll learn about some well know artists and try our hand at painting like Monet or Picasso – but for now, we’re just playing around with what ever suits our fancy.

We have a couple of different things we’re playing with now…

Trying our hand at making stamps.

This is my very first attempt at carving a rubber stamp!

Not too bad – we’ll be playing around with this more this week – we’ll see how it goes!

Turning old cigar boxes into school supply boxes –

I love old books so I grab them periodically when we’re out thrifting – or sometimes libraries get rid of books that I’ll grab. Rowan decided to cover her box in this old book that was falling apart.

We’ll mod-podge them when the glue dries!

I also have a couple of things I’m mentally planning out – The annual Avalon Anniversary party is coming up – November 3rd and I think we’ve finally narrowed down what each girl wants to do – Jaia and her pony are going to be Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter – Yep! who’s mad?? Must be me! How am I going to get a top hat to stay on a horse’s head! And Rowan, I think,  and her horse are going to be twins!!! Too funny – we’ll find matching t-shirts, make him “jeans” and maybe a baseball cap or hat of some sort…  Fake tattoo maybe?

I ordered and received a pattern to make a Feis dress for Jaia. Right now this is more for practice and for fun – she’s no where near needing a solo dress but hey!  Give me a challenge and I’m going to try!

I finally “finished” the metal cabinet I dragged home. The fabric, of course bubbled as I put the mod-podge on but oh-well – looks decent enough for my first attempt at mod-podging (and it will be in the basement anyway)..

I’m trying my best to allow the girls to try out what ever craft medium they’d like – with in reason of course. We didn’t do a lot of crafty things growing up – in fact – I don’t remember if we had crayons at home, let alone paint or play doh! – so I’ve always been determined that my girls  get the opportunity – and I’m constantly looking for more ideas! No – I take that back, we had crayons at school, where I remember coloring the sheet for art class and having it look just. like. everyone. else…  blah.

Enjoy your day!

Bright Blessings!