As you know we go to the barn 2 times a week – sometimes more – but rarely less. Jaia rides, Rowan rides, I read or clean stalls or feed. Sometimes we do all of these things.  Over the last couple of weeks, Jaia has been wanting to take walks around the farm, down the lane etc.. So last week and yesterday, we did that. I’d forgotten how fun, relaxing and  NICE it was to walk with my daughter. Sine the girls have grown and gotten older we’ve concentrated more on book learning than nature learning – we’ve gotten sooo caught up in getting school work finished, riding, cleaning, dance etc.. that we’ve forgotten how to relax (other than t.v that is)… Oh we play games, read, start and finish art projects, sew and play in our back yard – but we rarely take just a nice relaxing walk – sad, yes, yes I know – but J and I are out to remedy that. At least she and I.

So we took a walk – it wasn’t a long walk in terms of distance – couldn’t tell you exactly how long it is honestly – but we meander and look at things and take pictures and enjoy ourselves. Yesterday we found some pretty fantastic seed pods and caterpillars! Oh the caterpillars!  We counted 129 on our walk back to the barn before we had to stop and “rush” back! (it was almost time for lessons) Fuzzy ones, black ones, brown ones, little ones. Jaia was amazed at how many we saw… Among the caterpillars we found….


Cows! They’re rater intimidating looking aren’t they?


I have no idea what this is – we just liked the seed pods!


Close up of seed pods.


Caterpillar exploration.


Pretty purple field flowers.


Pretty white field flowers.


Caterpillars in the grass. Can you see them? At one point in time we found at most 6-8 caterpillars in one square foot of area!


We found a bird’s nest on the ground. This particular bird had actually used a snake skin as part of it’s nest!


Purple cone flower with an inch worm on it.

And finally –


A lesson with a friend for Jaia and a lesson for Rowan also..

Today we will do school work of course – and then Jaia and I are off to park days with our  homeschooling group  –

Enjoy your little things!

Bright Blessings!