School for us started the 2nd week in September. We homeschool, and sitting down at the kitchen table to get our work accomplished is something we’ve done now for years. This year I have a daughter who is a freshman in high school – and a 9 year old. The 9 year old is great – gets her work done, with a positive attitude (for the most part) and for the first 2 weeks “walked” to school. Really, with her back pack, around the block. My older one, however, is tough to get motivated sometimes, and with high school aged children come high school attitude. We may home school but I do have certain standards that she is having a hard time understanding. Like completing the work properly and finishing all that I’d like her to do! “Required reading”! -She’s read  not even 2 chapters of the book that’s required!  Time for some restructuring I think! And I think it might be on my part – A checklist might be in order or some sort of  .. I don’t know! Something.  The first weeks are always a trial – getting back in the groove – figuring out what works again year after year. The children get older, their need change, their attitude changes –  If you homeschool – how do you get your teens to finish everything you’d like?

For the most part though – our days go pretty smoothly. The girls get up – with plenty of morning time to read for my big one, school starts at the same time each day and we work until we’re finished with what we need to do for day. Sometimes it takes us 2 hours – other times it takes us ALL day.  Algebra, math, science, phonics, spelling, handwriting etc..  Afternoons are free – 2 days a week we head to the barn, 2 evenings we have dance, riding lessons, and homeschool park days.

These first few weeks have been hard for us – our routine has been interrupted 2 out of the 3 weeks we’ve been working – birthdays, friends over to visit, visits with my sister and nephew – and this week! Feet trimming for the horse and the equine dentist! Oh – I hope next week is smoother. We’ve GOT to get our rhythm down – if only for my sanity.

Row working on the brain for science. Biology for her this year and we’re studying the human body. So she’s making the brain!

This is what Row did with the left over clay – after she finished making the brain –

Today is Wednesday – off to the barn for us this afternoon – cleaning stalls, feeding and lessons!

thanks for listening to my grumbling.

Bright Blessings