This weekend was one of those crazy, boring, long, drawn out weekends. Ever had one of those? No one felt very well, my husband needed to travel Monday morning so we washed laundry and packed ,  and we all just need to Be. Jaia is always the first to get sick it seems – As soon as her friends left. Monday  morning brought us a low grade fever, cough,  and runny nose – nothing serious. With her the cough lasts and lasts though. Rowan was next last last week and my husband finally came down with it Friday and over the weekend. Luckily, I kept myself healthy by some degree of magic (or hiding out)  and Saturday I dragged Jaia, since she was feeling better, to some shops I’d been wanting to visit since I’d heard about them.  NEW antique mall/ thrift store shops!

I’m on the hunt for some retro pieces for our house, a 50’s stylish small ranch. I think the the perfect pieces for our house are out there somewhere. I just need to find them – and cheap.  Jaia tried on a few things while we were shopping.

I found nothing I wanted for the house. A lot of things that I wouldn’t mind having, but I don’t have a lot of extra space and we are trying to weed out unnecessary items – so nothing. But it was fun to window shop and I’m sure I’ll be back again to browse!

Last week, spur of the moment decision,  I had purchased a metal filing cabinet – like the ones found in offices. Well my husband hates it but I’m determined to make it work for some storage space. All of our school/art supplies are on open metal wire shelving and it’s just messy.

Ugly – yes? But I will make something useful out of this! So I dragged Rowan this time to the big box home makeover store to buy paint – where we/Rowan picked out antique white spray paint.

And I got to work. I am NOT a good spray painter apparently  – watching all the paint drip down the front – so I had to come up with an alternative plan – MOD PODGE! Believe it or not I have never really used this stuff – really WHAT have I been missing!

I dug out this pretty green paisley patterned material from my stash to cover all those paint drips. My plan? Covering each door with fabric and mod podging it on. I’ll keep you appraised to the progress. How DO you get the material flat enough so that it doesn’t bubble?  Sunday I was able to get 2 panels cut and covered. I hope it looks okay. It is just going down in the basement for school and art supplies so it’s not going to be in the main living area- but the basement is finished so it has to look okay-ish.

Jaia and I also started making a stall for her AG horses.

We’ve been holding on to this box for this very reason – and I actually found wood patterned scrap booking paper at our local craft store! I couldn’t believe it – So We go to work gluing the paper down.

We are not finished yet – I misjudged the amount of paper we needed so I need 4 more pieces! Then we’ll mod podge that and do something with the inside. More wood paper perhaps?

The horse seems to like it 🙂 Maybe a hook or two for the feed and water buckets? A hay bale – so much!

This is our second week of school – Going smoothly so far – last week ended up a much lighter week since no-one felt perfect. As the weeks go on we’ll settle into our routine. Math is seeming to take the longest – I so forgot about high school algebra! Coupled with Biology, History and other Misc we’re having to figure out our routine over time. But it will work! We do homeschool for a reason after all.

Today is also our not-back-to-school ice cream social. I think I’ll take Jaia – She’s my more social girl. And it’s nice for momma to 😉

Bright Blessings!