Well – we started school this week. We usually wait until after Labor day, simply because that’s what works for us, and it usually gives us time to visit places like the zoo or science center without being overwhelmed by the amount of people. Unfortunately it has been too hot to do any of those things so we’ll just have to take time later on. But no worries 🙂 we won’t complain too much about skipping school to visit the zoo!

Our first week of school didn’t quite go as I had planned. Both girls ended up with head colds. Jaia didn’t even want to go to dance so I know she wasn’t feeling well, and Rowan started not feeling well on Wednesday. So we had an easier week. We started our morning routine – waking up, breakfast, chores – those types of things, and we “got” our books, looked through them and started working.  I discovered I’m going to need to a bit more planning in the evenings – printing up worksheets or information for lap booking, but I think we’ll have a great year. Rowan is officially in High School – which is a bit daunting but really not too much harder than it has been. I need to work more on certain things she may or may not need for college…  And I will need to keep a transcript.  Rowan is taking “classes” with a local homeschool group – Algebra and art. I think it will be good for my ultra shy, introvert girl to get out there a bit – just to be with kids her own age. The friends she has are wonderful – and she’s been friends with them for years – but outside of the barn and horses – it doesn’t seem like they have much in common anymore. No big deal, we all grow and change, but now I think we need to open that door for meeting new people 🙂

Jaia will continue to take dance class and my goal for her is to get to our homeschool park days at least 2 xs a month –  if not more. She is my social(er) one and likes to just play. So that needs to be my focus.

I have a lot of plans for this up coming year that I need to get down on paper and make happen.   I. Just. Do. I procrastinate too much. That is MY personal goal this year.

Have a great and wonderful weekend!

Bright Blessings –