Over the weekend, Friday through Monday morning, we had some very special friends visiting. My girl’s two friends who moved about 3 hours away several years ago. Just. Far. Enough. Just far enough that the girls know they can’t see each other daily – or even weekly. But not so far away that a visit every couple of months is not impossible.  Most visits tend to occur around birthdays – March, April, September. And also around mini-vactaions. M and A’s mother’s wanted to have a mini-relaxing stay-cation, so I invited the girls to stay with us for the weekend. We met them halfway on Friday. Driving in the rain!

We really did not DO a whole lot this time around. Friday was homemade lasagna (I loved it – the girls not so much) and they played. Watched a movie and did each other’s hair.  Oh – I made them hit the grocery store with me  – otherwise there would have been NO food –

Saturday we went to the mall. I really don’t know why we hit the mall each and every time the girls come over. Well they ARE girls I guess huh?  I am not a mall person – oh there are a few stores I really enjoy. Well made clothes, high prices. Many shoe stores….. BUT, the girls very much enjoy going and spending whatever money they have on what ever they want to buy. Who am I to argue about that teeny, tiny little notebook that ONLY cost $2.00.  It’s futile to point out that 1 – we could have made that – and 2 it’s going to be lost/falling apart/ruined in a matter of days! I kept my mouth closed (such a good momma) and I let them enjoy the day.  The big girls (and small ones) split a yoghurt from the yoghurt shop and MY daughter actually bought a coke! Really not my choice drink for a growing 14 year old but hey – I guess I do have to bite my tongue from time to time   – yes?

J on the right and her friend M on the left.

The younger two insisted on going to the American Girl store. I do see why it’s such a draw for little girls. It has everything you could ever want for your dolls. I actually enjoy just looking at everything. We went to the store twice. The first time as soon as we arrived at the mall , but the little girls couldn’t decide what to buy so we walked around the mall – We went back before we left and I kid you not – J walked around the store for 45 minutes because she could not make up her mind! She only had x amount and wasn’t happy with anything! (I did lend her $3.00).

Rowan and her friend A huddled in the corner ignoring the rest of the AG store. Rowan could and did, sit here the entire time the little girls were shopping. Give her a book – any book –  and she’s content to sit and read it.

We had organic hotdogs and chips for dinner (requested!) and watched the Lorax.

Sunday we spent the entire day at home. The girls played horses, playmobile, American Girl dolls, beauty parlor and ran around outside. That’s all they wanted to do – so I let them. They had a blast.

Monday we met again – half way   – and dropped the girls back off with their moms. My girls were a mixture of sad, tired and just somewhat, a tiny bit, relieved? We love having  friends over and will have them over as often as we can – but you know, even though you enjoy someone’s company and they are your very best friend – It’s nice to have that quiet back, that down time after they’ve gone. So that you CAN do it all over again the next time you visit.

M and A – We love having you visit! Come back again!

Today we start SCHOOL! My girls are not pleased.

Bright Blessings!