Sunday brought us a wonderful, sunny day. Temperature was perfect but the humidity was crazy. Normally our Sunday’s have been lazy, non-productice, go nowhere days but this weekend was the Festival of Nations, and I wanted to go.  The girls and I went last year and had a blast.

The Festival of Nations is just what it sounds like – a gathering  and  a celebration of many of the nations that make up our country.  From Bosnian to the Chinese. Germany to Scotland.

There were no fewer than 30 different food booths, 35 or more different booths selling items from different countries and 3 or 4 different stages where you could see performances from around the world.

Food booth row I called it – Row had bangers and mash “from”  scotland and some mango drink that was absolutely to die for!  Jaia had ribs – American soul food. I had a chicken schwarma pita from? and my husband had a gyro –  I really would have loved to try something from each and every booth – but you know… Can’t have everything we want right? 🙂

The merchandise booths held everything from jewelry to hand made sweaters, to scarves, bags, and even olive oil!  I just enjoyed looking.

We ended up for the majority of the afternoon in front of the main stage to watch the performances.

We saw….


African dancing and drumming.


Buddhist monks..


European folk dancers..


Dancers from Hawaii dancing a traditional dance to Pele.


Belly dancers.


Flamenco dancers.


And my absolute favorite. This is who I actually CAME to see – I saw them last year and absolutely loved it.

Cobu – an all female  Japanese Taiko drumming group. The leader is a member of the off Broadway dance company Stomp. So you can only imagine what it’s like. They combine Taiko drumming with dance.


I love drumming – any kind really. Okay – not so much the American rock star drumming. BUT  I can feel it – the drumming. It very much rattles me to my inner core and can get very emotional when I hear and feel drumming.

We left shortly after Cobu – we were hot and tired after the day exploring around the world.   We will definitely be going back next year.. I have to try something new at the food booths and of course – I have to see Cobu  – if they come back!

We are off to the barn again today! It’s Wednesday – I know – certainly seems like we live there doesn’t it? I think if my children had their way  we WOULD be there every single day!

Bright Blessings!