We had a very crazy busy weekend here in our household. Jaia danced in her very first feis. A feis is an Irish Dancing competition – pronounced fesh.  It is not at all like a normal dance recital. We’ve been there -done that – with not so good results and a little girl who refused to go back onstage for anything. It took her months to decide she was ready and that’s only after we went to watch a feis earlier this year.  A feis, like I mentioned,  is a competition – you register, sign up for the particular dances you want and those are the ones you compete in. Jaia danced the jig and the light reel – and there were 2 other competitors in each dance – 3 total dancers  for her 2 particular dances.. ..  There are dozens to sign up for – hundreds of girls competing and a few boys as well.

She did a fantastic job! and literally bounced back to me each time with the biggest grin on her face! I am so absolutely proud of my daughter. She placed 2nd in each dance. I know there were only 3 but hey… 2nd place! (she’s the blurry one in the middle).  Sorry about that – I was trying to watch, take pictures and NOT cry – Watching her dance makes me very emotional for some reason. She was super pleased with herself, as she should be, and wore both medals ALL DAY LONG. Even out for ice-cream to celebrate.   She told me that her next feis – in September – she’s going to win first place…

Jaia with her medals.

We had a blast and Jaia had a fantastic first experience – I think the next feis will be even better.

Sunday we went to the Festival of Nations – which I’ll tell you about tomorrow.

Today we’re off to the barn – it’s Monday after all.

Next week we start school!  and I’m busy trying to pull everything together.

Bright Blessings! – have a wonderful day!