Over the weekend, a friend and I went on a quick overnight get away. We wanted to get away from the kids, the house, everything – just for a day or so . We headed out early Saturday morning – about 9:00 or so.

We weren’t planning on going too far. My friend wanted to hit “wine country” in Southern Illinois so that’s what we did. Driving down route 3 in Illinois we first came to Chester Illinois. Well really we went through a couple of cute small towns but Chester stood out since it’s the home of Popeye!

(Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of pictures to show – I only had my phone and I’d left the charger at home of course – so I was trying to save the battery all day Sunday – but I do have a few.)


Olive Oyl – she was always my favorite character – especially in the Movie version.


Bridge spanning the Mississippi River. The next 2 closest bridges to cross the Mighty Mississippi river are about 1 hour away in either direction.

We hit several wineries that afternoon – never having actually BEEN to a winery I was unsure what to expect. The only one I’ve been to we bought our wine or wines and sat and enjoyed friends company and noshed on food we brought for hours. – Totally different at the few we visited Saturday. I suppose you could have brought food but there were few tables to sit at. So going in, we tasted our choices of wine and bought which ever tasted the best. …  We were able to hit a couple of junk/thrift/antique stores which is what I very much wanted to do! I bought a hankie 🙂

We visited the highest point in Souther Illinois and this was the view – absolutely beautiful! (I ignored the giant cross they built there  – not my religion). But the view was spectacular and I wouldn’t mind going again in the fall to see the color! I bet it’s just wonderful.

Our cabin was quaint – one room with a kitchenette. I don’t have pictures of the outside – I thought it was a strange set up – all the “cabins” were attached. Well 2 then a walkway with a hot tub, then 2 more. More like apartments would be.

View from the back door. Nothing but trees. And a field out the front door– We saw deer and I actually heard a woodpecker. I normally don’t hear them at home – it’s too loud.  We had dinner at the restaurant affiliated with the Bed and Breakfast – and hit the grocery store for snacks and ice -cream. We had a fantastically calm, quite evening. Spent some time in the hot tub , enjoyed the porch and the resident cat and actually watched some t.v.

Sunday morning was so relaxing – I sat outside with my coffee and actually READ MY BOOK for hours!

Then –  we headed home with plans to visit 2 more wineries.

This was actually my favorite. A porch with tables to sit at. Tables and umbrellas out on the lawn. They were even setting up for a bean bag tournament and a band was arriving. We DID sit here for a while and enjoyed a carafe of Sangria – They had their own restaurant – Simple foods it seemed – sandwiches and  pizza.

(wish their views on organic wine would have been more open minded though  – I bet their own organic version of the merlot would have been to die for. – When asked the hostess replied that everything needs to be sprayed – if not then everything would die. Oh Really?)

One more winery and then we headed home. Stopping in Carbondale, Illinois – college town – we had some fantastic local bison burgers.

I arrived home about 9:00 that night – just in time to tuck Jaia in bed (she missed her mommy) and have some snuggle time with both my girls.

I had a wonderful time and I think it was just enough to recharge my mom batteries for a while – next year maybe we’ll head out in a different direction and do some thrift store shopping – my favorite –

This week is turning out to be quite busy for  us as I look at the schedule – today back to the barn for feet trimming then I have a meeting to attend with Rowan about the homeschool classes we’ve signed up for – tomorrow of course is our normal barn day. Thursday I’ve signed J up for an  art class and Friday is “Crafter-noon”! at my sisters house! We’ve not been able to do this for  awhile because of camps but it’s nice to get started again – Now – what to craft???

Bright Blessings !