Tuesday afternoon Jaia really wanted to go to the zoo. Great! We didn’t have too much time since J has dance class in the evening, but we contacted some friends and they were going to go with us.  (our zoo is free! it’s a fantastic zoo) – I drove all the way over to the zoo  and there I discovered the crowd – jam packed! I was so surprised! A lot of our schools in the area had started for the year Monday so I honestly thought the zoo was going to be relatively empty. But! the paid parking lots were full and my usual parking secret was filled to the brim also!  After a quick chat with our friends we decided to skip the zoo and go someplace else. We’ll do the zoo next week..

We ended up a a sculpture park – It’s a neat place filled with trails and HUGE pieces of artwork. Some you can climb on  – some you cannot. I apologize in advance for anything my child climbed on that she was NOT supposed to. Sometimes you don’t see the sign until after the fact..


We grew into giants and sat on houses –


Walked a u-turn bridge.


Discovered a hidden grotto –

Played in a creek –  She looks so thrilled doesn’t she?

Climbed on huge metal balls that snaked off into the distance..

Saw a silver tree –


And saw all sorts of sculptures that I didn’t quite understand.




Giant eyeball anyone?


This was my favorite – the teardrop tree tent. Can you imagine camping in this! Fantastic –

All in All – we had a fantastic afternoon with some wonderful friends! Next week we’ll do the zoo..

Bright Blessings