Since Jaia is now into all things Irish Dance, and we’ve spent the money on the beginner outfit and wig and shoes and socks, I thought the dress needed to be protected.


Beginner dance outfit for J’s school. Ignore the air vent! I don’t have a good place to take pics 🙂  BUT rather than buy a garment bag, I decided to give a go at making one.


I used a hanger as reference for the shoulder area and I measured the length of the shirt.

I double checked the pattern I made with the shirt to make sure it would all fit. I actually adjusted the slope of the shoulder after I did this so that it did not slope as much.

After I got the pattern pieces together – the bag itself came together fairly quickly.

Cutting out the bag pieces and the pocket pieces.

Adding the zipper and the pockets to the front

Sewing the front and back together. Wow – sorry – I didn’t realize just how blurry this picture was!

and Taa-daa! I didn’t turn out to bad:) I’m pleased with my first attempt – and my first attempt with making my own pattern for it also!

Here it is with the outfit inside – so you can see how it all worked out.

Now I think I’ll make a matching “emergency kit pouch” like I did for the Equestrians. I have a ton of this material left over!  I also need to figure out how to transport this wig….

Today is barn day! and we’re finally in the double digits here in the midwest – no more triple index for us for a while. AND we had rain for the second weekend in a row! So absolutely wonderful to wake up to thunder and rain.

Bright Blessings!