Tuesday, 3 hours before Jaia needed to be at dance class , she shouts out – “Mom! can we go by new shoes?!” – as in new dance shoes.  There’s only one place here that I know of that sells them and it was about 1/2 hour away so we jumped in the car and made a mad dash to buy new shoes! I had been promising her for weeks that we’d go and well… I had to keep my promise right?

I cannot believe I didn’t take pictures at the store!  J was in dance heaven. Soft shoes, hard shoes, bags, t-shirts etc… I do believe her christmas list is begun and finished now!  She was very happy to get new shoes.  – Sorry the pic is blurry – It’s so very hard to catch a girl on the move doing her “step 1,2,3’s”.  She’ll be in her first performance on the 11th and her first feis on the 25th of August. I can’t wait ! I’m sure she’ll do fantastic and wow those judges:)

Wednesday was barn day of course. Camps are all over and we’re back to peace and quite there.  We went a bit early so Rowan could ride. The heat here has been so oppressive and just plain HOT  – that it’s been hard for anyone to find the time to ride safely. Rowan has decided that it’s time Jaia is able to ride Jonah  – so she’s been letting J hop on Jonah after her rides. Just a bit of walking until Jaia gets used to riding a horse much larger that what she’s used to.  I was sitting and reading while they were riding, but I looked up to see  this..

My girls – riding together. I love it when they get along.

Bright Blessings!