Well – Camps are over and I’ve had 2 weeks now to veg out and recover really, from the heat and craziness of camps.  I’ve been having a difficult time getting back in my grove. We’re in that lul of space and time before we need to get serious about school, when I’m trying to make decisions on which homeschool group to join and what to do with each one. When I’m making the choices of exactly WHICH math curriculum to use for Jaia this year. Which Science to use for Rowan, who is now HIGH SCHOOL. And our personal big challenge – socialization – yep – I have one introvert who really does not mind staying at home reading – all. the. time. and another who needs that playtime, that interaction. Me? I’m somewhere in the middle which is why it’s difficult.

There are so many projects that need to be started and finished here in our house and not enough money to make them all happen. Reorganization, painting.  I have  a lot of ideas and no way to pull them off – at least that’s what it seems like. I’ve started cleaning out the basement. Started being the key word here – but –  Blah – I have a few sewing projects simmering. I’ll keep you posted on those.

Digging myself out of my rut here – Jaia and I had to run my husband to the airport yesterday evening (business trip) and we took the “long” way back. Meaning that we didn’t take the jam packed, stopped traffic highway home. I had planned on stopping by “The Fabric Nosherie” to grab a couple yards of fabric for a project I want to start but ended up at an art studio instead. (Fabric store was closed!) Jaia had received a gift card for christmas and luckily she started carrying it around with her!  – Let’s stop! I I have my gift card! – was the cry from the back seat as I cruised past the shop.

Yucando – is the name of the store – http://www.yucandu.com/.  One of those crafting places where you go in, pick a project and a medium and create to your hearts content. Similar to a paint the pottery store.  There’s an hourly studio fee and each piece has the cost separated by the medium you want to use – there was painting, decoupage, and mosaic.  Some of the projects you could only paint or decoupage – like the dog J ended up picking out.


She chose her colors..


And got to work…



Jaia had a blast.  She loved every minute of it  – And while I balked at the general pricing – that dog, only to paint it – was $22.00 – Jaia studied the paint colors and pick the very right ones for her dog and painted that puppy exactly how she wanted to. (maybe I’m just actually cheap though, who knows)

I fell in love with the store/studio itself. If only I could recreate this in my basement!

Project pieces.

A wall of stuff to purchase for your projects.   I had a great time wandering and looking at all the “things” that one can use for their projects!

Today we’re at home – doing yard work. And painting hopefully. A friend gave us 3 pressboard shelves that need some love.

Bright Blessings!