Months ago I bought a cute, small (size 4t) blue t-shirt from the thrift store for my daughter. I bought it NOT because it would fit –  I knew it wouldn’t, she’s a size 10 now  – but I bought it because of what was on the front of the shirt.

A horse -and a cute one at that.

Now, I bought this t-shirt, washed it, folded it and it promptly ended up in J’s dresser for weeks maybe even months! Well – it was “discovered” 2 weeks ago by a very happy little girl who HAD to try it on – ignoring mom’s statement of “it’s really NOT going to fit you!” – Oh well – do as you must- so she tried it on .  Did it fit? NOPE ! belly exposed- super tight – she walks into my room – ” I don’t think it fits mom” – Oh dear girl you do make your momma laugh!

So I helped her wrestle it off and it ended up on my sewing table – which is where I had purchased it for to begin with.

I knew the t-shirt was just big enough to cover this small pillow – maybe 8 inches by 9 inches or something like that – So that’s what I did. I really have no idea where this pillow came from. We’ve had it ever since I can remember – even as a child – so for 30 some odd years this pillow has been floating around one house or another. It was time for some upgrading!

I traced around the pillow –

I sewed. I turned.

I stuffed.

and VOILA!  – cute huh? It now holds a place of honor at the head of my daughter’s bed.  I really MUST remember to find not so cutesy horse t-shirts for the 14 year old to make into pillows too!  She liked this one but it was “too cutesy mom!”

I hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th!  The girls ended up going with my parents and I stayed home slightly ill with nausea – They had a blast swimming at my brothers and watching the fireworks and I watched a lot more t.v. than I ever do! Anyone else watch Craft Wars yet?

Two more weeks of camp! Then I’ll get back to crafting more!

Bright Blessings!