Well we made it through our 4th and hottest week of camp so far. Only one more week that the girls will be helping with and then one extra week for me. The girls will have a lovely break spending time with friends and my mother -their Grandmother.  Thursday and Friday of last week were just brutal – with temps hitting 105 + and now we’re on our 5th straight day of 100+ degree weather.  I hope we get a break soon ! This heat is stifling and it’s wearing all of us down. Goodness.

Well, as I posted last week – I visited the Missouri State Penitentiary for all you history and ghost hunting buffs out there. I am one of those who WATCH the ghost hunting T.V. shoes with regularity! Also I love abandoned buildings. They’re so …….. frightening, haunting..etc…The Missouri State Penn has several different types of tours. A 2 hour tour, a 3 hour more in-depth tour and 2 different ghost hunting tours (that I’m definitely going to work up the courage to go do!)  I think I took over 100 pictures so I’m going to narrow it down a bit here and post a few each day this week.  Before you even walk in you have to sign a release form.  And one of the tours you need to wear a hard hat according to their website – THAT will be my next tour.  The Missouri State Penn has a bloody history and was opened 100 years before Alcatraz! And closed in 2004 if I remember correctly.

Front entrance

Guard shack at the entry to the complex. Add added in the 1960’s????? maybe.. All doors in the entry way were controlled by the computers in the guard shack by the time the prison closed.

View down one wing of the main building – we did not get to tour this building. Too bad – I wonder what it’s like!

Cell block we got to tour. Pictures to come!

I don’t remember if that red building was another cell block or if it was a factory. At the height of it’s history, the prison apparently had dozens of factories here – where the inmates worked. A busy inmate is one that cannot start anything right? They had a shoe factory, leather factory, saddle factory, furniture factory and many others I can’t remember right now.

Those cages in front – left corner? They look kind of like dog runs? They were exercise cages for the inmates – I believe for the solitary confinement inmates or the death row inmates? Not 100% sure. But I do know they were exercise cages – I THINK they were something like 6 feet by 12 feet but don’t quote me on that.

Inside cell block. Four stories. At one point these cells housed 6 + prisoners.

Looking down from a walkway.

Cell. Towards the end of the prison’s life – these cells were for the more “privileged” prisoners – those with good behavior. They got to paint and decorate their cells however they wanted. Apparently one cell had a 20? gallon fish tank at one time and many cells had hardwood furniture. They would bring up the pieces one at a time from the furniture factory and assemble it in their rooms.  I had the hardest time walking INTO the rooms. I could stand in the doorway and take pictures but I could not physically walk in the room .

Toilet in the corner for some semblance of privacy I guess.

I’ll post more pictures tomorrow. I promise that after the camps are over I’ll be crafting again!  I have many, many craft ideas – quiet a few of them are horse related 😉

Bright Blessings