So we’ve just started our 4th week of camp and it is going to be crazy hot! We’re talking temps of 100 degrees  – with heat indexes in higher triple digits! But I’ll  jump back in a day or so to tell you about my tour of the Missouri State Penitentiary for all you abandoned and haunted building lovers out there! I have tons of pictures!

Oh the dress I made my niece?!  Well – my SIL said it didn’t fit – it’s too small! and yes the straps needed to be let down in the back. I left those purposely with room to let out because you never know without the person in front of you how it’s going to fit . But I thought it was perfect and the elastic around the chest and waist had perfect room! And the length? Spot on!  I think she and I have differing opinions of how clothing should fit 🙂  SO! I shall make a size 3 and see how that goes …

Bright Blessings!