A Saturday or two ago, the girls and I made the short jaunt to my brother’s house for my niece’s birthday. She was turning 2!  I love 2 – such a fun age. Almost makes me wish for more girls. Almost. 🙂

I had such a hard time trying to decide what to make or buy for her birthday. I knew she’d be getting a lot of toys – light up toys probably – so I didn’t want to get her any of those. But I knew no one would get her any books. So books it was!  J and I went to the book store and picked out a couple of our favorites. Finding the “right” book for a two year old is kinda difficult. I would have bought any book for my 2 girls when they were that age. They would sit and listen to anything I read them. They loved the pictures and me telling the story. Not sure what my niece  would do. Is she capable of sitting and listening to a story that has a more complicated story line? Do they even sit and read to her very much at all? My brother and s-i-l are NOT big readers unfortunately. No bookshelves in their house and no stacks of books anywhere! The horror!

We did settle on books geared more towards the younger set – so Goodnight Moon, a counting book and one other. We also picked up a package of playdoh!  Why do parents always cringe at that?  Really!? It’s not going to get rubbed into the carpet if you don’t allow it to be smashed there. If you set up playdoh time a the kitchen table then they will learn that playdoh is only for the table! Seriously you would have thought I’d brought in a pail of mud!  (and really? mud is fun too!).  You should have heard the moan and groan out of that group when she opened that gift!  Oh well. I grew up in a house with absolutely NO crafts at all! Yep – no markers, no playdoh no glue and definitely NO paint! It’s a wonder I survived. Might be why I insist on having all these things for my 2.

Any way, I digress. I also wanted to make her some sort of cute dress, since according to my mother (grandma), little miss F is always in pants and boots. It took a while for me to decide on a pattern. I went through my Japanese sewing books (everything was at least a size 4), and I went through my Ottrobe magazines.  I wanted something simple and cute. I FINALLY settled on an older Simplicity pattern that had been passed on to me by my Aunt.

So last week, when I had some time away from the barn, away from camp, I sat down to work. Lucky for me when I went to trace the pattern I found someone had already traced it off!

Laying the pattern pieces and cutting it out…

The bodice pieces are cut out …

The top pieces. I went ahead and lined it.  The pattern just had you fold over the top piece to insert the elastic – but I wanted something a litter nicer.

The skirt and the bodice pieces sewn together.

I added a piece of ribbon to the waist for that piece of elastic. Then shoulder straps and I was done! It turned out super cute and I hope they like it. I’ll give it to them this Saturday at our family reunion.

I’m pleased with how it turned out. Now Jaia wants one!

Bright Blessings!